Contested or Uncontested Divorces, please no recording without my permission, I am a neutral party between two parties, however, still require identification.... 

Jail Signings, if someone hires me to do a jail signing, I can, however Volusia County has six head count checks each day they last under an hour, plus meal times.  Sometimes the jails are under locked down due to Covid-19, no one in, no one out, which is normal now a days with any facility.  All jail Signings have to be paid up front. If the inmate refuses to sign, fifty percent of what you pay, gets Remembursed back to the payor hiring the notary to do a jail signing. Receipt is also available, anytime, by fax, email, or by mail. 

Can a notary Refuse? yes, Under certain conditions, Eventually, most notaries are faced with the issue of whether they may refuse to provide notary services when requested.  Florida Law actually requires notaries to refuse in some situations

Notary Services, while your in the car, that's ok with me, I will wear my mask, and come outside to you to notarize your document. Especially if you have elderly or children in the car. 

Mobile Notary, Notary Public, Notary Services

Notary Public, uses a Raised Embosser Seal & a Regular Seal.  Furthermore, The notary uses a raised embosser seal and a regular seal on all originals documents. If you need your documents notarized right away, call/text. Notary is very familiar with closing documents, court documents, Power of Attorneys, Last Will and Testament, Quit Claim Deeds, Warranty Deeds, Commencements, Divorce papers, others, Due Note, mobile notary services is an addition to notarial acts. I charge more on mobile notary vs coming to my office, however  ID is still required. Mobile Notary Services can provide service at your Location or our Location:  601 Old Daytona Road, Suite H, Deland Florida.. Notary is also a wedding officiant, and confidential, reliable, and dependable, ethical. Notary can fax your documents, copy, or drop it off at the court house for recording, or drop it off at Fed-X, or UPS for over night delivery. Notary travels to many places, home, office, and other locations, such as jail signings, hospital signings, senior living faciilites, and other facilities.

Call or Text to schedule,386-215-3604.. 

Mobile Notary with Seal


Public Officer


In Deland Office on Notarial Acts, everyone welcome, Identification Required. Not an attorney at law.  For Veterans, the notary is free for the first notarial Act on a first document, Here at my Deland office only, located at 601 Old Daytona Road, Suite H, Deland FL 32724

Military/Veterans Card Identification is required for free notarizations.  Thankyou for serving our Country. 

Notary accepts, checks, Cash, Paypal

Left side of the building is Suite H

601 Old Daytona Road, Ste-h, Deland Florida 32724

601 Old Daytona Road,

Suite H,

Deland Fl 32724



Notary Public, Notary Services and Mobile Notary Services,


Notary Public, Mobile Notary, Mobile Notary Services

601 Old Daytona Road

Suite H

Deland, Florida 32724

College or Public Schools, Private Schools.

Need a document notarized, and it's for your childs school, nursery, other. Please bring Identification.


Notary Public, & Mobile Notary , (386)215-3604

Need a Sworn Oath, by phone?

Need to be in court, and cannot be in court.  I can swear you in court from my office phone in person. In person, id in hand. Call for an appointment.

Legal Document Notarized:

Need a Document notarized, divorces, agreements, I-9, Modifications, closing documents, other call, notary works with you, stop in at Deland Office, Suite H.

Mobile Notary Services, is a Notary traveling to your location, home, office, hospital, any facility including jail signings, how ever I charge more at the jail signings there are six head counts a day at the Volusia County Jails. 

Notary Public 

Notary use to work for Itt Defense, and Harris Governement Systems, and was a Guardian for Brevard County, Florida. The Notary is Confidential, Reliable & Dependable, Notary Public has been commissioned since 2005 and is not an Attorney at law, however can refer you  to an attorney.

Notary also has a Bachelor's Degree in Science in Criminal Justice, & Business Degree. Every twelve months notary gets third party background screen, required for real-estate closings, personal information. The Notary is  Confidential, Ethical, Reliable. Also, Let me know if you need a different time, notary works 7 days a week normally, but sometimes closes early. Call ahead, I will work with you. Notary travels to Volusia County, Lake County, other please ask... 

Note: The Notary has a right to refuse service, for notary if they don't have ID" or not Competent. 

Applications Notarization:

Correctional Guard Applications,

Sherriff applications, Police applications, Teacher applications, Gun License application, Concealed Weapon License, Teacher Application,  Other Applications, and or Legal Documents, that is needing Notarization.  Notary will copy original for your records, upon request for a fee.