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Notary Public, uses a Raised Embosser Seal, & Regular Seal,  Furthermore, The notary uses a raised embosser seal and a regular seal on all originals documents. If you need your documents notarized right away, call/text. Notary is very familiar with closing documents, court documents, Power of Attorneys, Last Will and Testament, Quit Claim Deeds, Warranty Deeds, Commencements, Divorce papers, others, however  ID required. Mobile Notary Services can provide service at your Location or our Location at 601 Old Daytona Road, Suite H, Deland Florida.. Notary is also a wedding officiant, and confidential, reliable, and dependable, ethical. Notary can fax your documents, copy, or drop it off at the court house for recording, or drop it off at Fed-X, or UPS for over night delivery. Notary travels to many places, home, office, and other locations, such as jail signings, hospital signings, senior living facilites, and other facilities, Identification required for notarization. Cal or Text to schedule,386-215-3604.. 

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In Deland Office on Notarial Acts, everyone welcome, Identification Required. For Veterans, the notary is free for the first notarial act on a document, Here at my Deland office only, located at 601-H  Old Daytona Road, Deland FL 32724 and Military/Veterans Card Identification is required.  However,  Veterans thankyou for serving our Country. 

Correction Applications, Sherriff applications, Police applications, Teacher applications, Gun License application, other applications Needing Notarization and notary will copy original for your records.






601 Old Daytona Road, Suite H, Deland Fl 32724

Need a Document notarized, divorces, agreements, I-9, Modifications, closing documents, other call, notary works with you, stop in at Deland Office, Suite H.

Notary Public 

Confidential, Reliable & Dependable, Notary Public has been commissioned since 2005. Notary is not an Attorney at law, however can refer to an attorney.

Diana the notary has had many experiences with families, and their sensitive, confidential, issues, however Florida Statue 117 states; Identification is requested prior to notarization, even marriage ceremonies.

Notary also has a Bachelor's Degree in Science in Criminal Justice, & Business Degree. Every elven months notary gets third party background screen, required for real-estate closings, personal information, confidential, ethical, reliable. Also, Let me know if you need a different time, notary works 7 days a week.  Volusia County, Lake County, Flagler County, Marion County, Seminole County. 

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601 Old Daytona Road

Suite H

Deland, Florida 32724