601 Old Daytona Road, Suite H, Deland Florida 32724 is on the left side of this building. Next to Bulldog Automotive Services



Notary Public, Notary Services and Mobile Notary Services,


601 Old Daytona Road

Suite H

Deland, Florida 32724


Notary Services, Mobile Notary Services call 386-215-3604

Notary Public is commissioned in the State of Florida. Notary can accept e-docs to print and leave to client here in Florida. Notary works on occasion for a few attorneys, here and there, including other states representing their clients here in Florida. 

Notary accepts many forms of payments, cash, debit cards, credit cards, personal checks  or business checks, or . Notary uses two seals during signings, a raised embosser seal & regular seal. Notary can do your notary services at your home, office, work, or other location. Notary can notarize your closing documents, and scan back originals, including making client a copy of originals, if requested. Including dropping package off to Fedx or UPS please provide Label on the e-docs or in person...

Mobile Notary is a neutral party between your bank, or other signer, or signers.  Example, divorce papers, adoption papers, hospital signings, jail signings. Call to schedule an appointment, or text the notary for your notary needs. I can notarize both parties, especially if it is non contested, if it's contested, I can go to two different locations and also drop it off at the court house if this helps. Again, notary is not an attorney, notary is a public officer and can provide notary services, my old man here can be one witness, I can be the second. However many documents written up by attorneys requires me to identify the two or three witnesses on the paper, I have at least one here, it's possible I have to snatch another witness or you can bring that witness. Call for verification. I'll know when I view the documents at hand. .

Notary travels to your location, or come to us. We have two shops here adjourned partnership. 

Two businesses at this location:

Mobile Notary with Seal  &  Bulldog Automotive Services.