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601 Old Daytona Road, Suite H, Deland Florida 32724

Notary Services, Mobile Notary Services



Notary Publicis commissioned in the State of Florida. Notary can accept e-docs to print and leave to client here in Florida. Notary can do your notary services at your home, office, work, or other location. Notary can notarize your closing documents, and scan back originals, including making client a copy of originals, if requested. Including dropping package off to Fedx or UPS please provide Label on the e-docs or in person...  Mobile Notary services is much higher when doing many services, vs coming to my office just for notarial act or notarial acts. I will work with you, however, services are paid once rendered.

Notary accepts,  cash, paypal, or Personal Checks, or Business Checks Identfication is always required. If check bounces, fees are included. 

Going threw a DIVORCE? I can go to other parties, home, office, other discretely so they won't be embarrassed to sign, many clients are in need of settled statements, and or divorce proceedings.  Both parties need a copy of what their signing, I try my hardest to detour crime, and you can always take a photo copy of each sheet. I do use a raise embosser on every sheet I notarize. But if I am between both of you and one is pressuring the other, I may stop you and ask for you guys to seek out an attorney. 

Mobile Notary is a neutral party between your bank, or other signer, or signers.  Closing documents, notary has done over 300 closings on up. Many divorce papers, adoption papers, hospital signings, jail signings. Call to schedule an appointment, or text the notary for your notary needs. I can notarize both parties, especially if it is non contested, if it's contested, and it's nice to see they part as friends vs enemies. I can go to two different locations and also drop it off at the court house if this helps. Again, notary is not an attorney, notary is a public officer and can provide notary services.

Notary can perform a ceremony or notarize divorce papers, that are contested or uncontested, if both parties or one party needs notarization. Notary can make a copy of the original prior to submitting to the courts for your records, upon request, fee for printing will be additional charge. Notary has a fax machine, can't afford fax, let me know if your indigent, it's free.. 

​Mobile Notary Services, I Charge extra for Witnesses and Mobile Notary Services, in addition to notarial acts. 

Notary can also record your documents at the court house, I meet you inside the court yard, at the benches, or cafeteria and or record department, I am there alot, just let me know in advance thankyou.

Have to be in Court in the United States,get permission from the courts to appear in front of a Notary, I can swear you in court at my office, I have a separate line to talk to the court. Id is still required, and you have to be present at least fifteen minutes prior to appearing live in court. 

Notary can swear you in for court by telephone if you can't appear in person at your court hearing, notary can swear you in on the phone.  

Notary Accepts these form of payments, cash apps, checks, business checks & personnel checks, Id required. 


​​First Notarial Acts are free for Veterans.

Veterans getting married here at my location are Free, Military Id required, and Identification, state ID, CW License, other, passport, please bring your marriage license. I can't officiate it, without the marriage license. I can also drop it off at the court house here in Deland Florida only.  Other courts, I can mail it. 

​ Indigent

If your indigent, I see families in cars, under tremendous hardship, homeless are also free.  However, Please inform me by cell or in person, families struggling, free only at my location. I still need your identification regardless.

​Jail signings

Jail Signing, my requests for payments is upfront for all jail signings. I had many who didn't pay me after I notarized documents. Than they tried calling because they are having another to go into the jail.

From June 2020 to present, " All jail signings Request Payments upfront prior to leaving to the Volusia County Jail" I am Ethical, will give you a receipt. Note some inmates refuse to sign, it's their right to refuse. If they refuse to sign, I still will charge you the full amount. Make sure your party will sign prior to hiring the notary, to do a jail signing.

notary accepts these form of payments  personal checks with id matching your check, Cash, or Cash App. 

Notary is not an attorney, however has experiences in other fields.

Notary doesn't keep people's personal information, I do not need a copy of your documents. 

Notary is still Confidential, Reliable, regardless who you are, I try my hardest to be a neutral party between two parties, please have your identification card, license, passport or other valid identification.

Notary has a Business Degrees, and  Bachelor's Degree in Science in Criminal Justice, Paralegal studies, use to be a Guardian Ad Litem, notary posesses a sterling background, for Law Enforcement, IRS, Government officials, including FBI.

Notary also has possed other licenses, and resign other licenses in the past, including be an Armed Guard.

If there is any violence here on the property, I will simply ask you to leave, had a few. i will not hesitate to do a no tresspass on any individual showing violent behavior on another.

Notary and the mechanic is relocating to Lake County, as of May 2022