Notary has 1- witness at the office, but he does not travel to hospitals.....  .

Need Notarization: Legal documents, hand written letters, bill of sales, titles, divorce proceedings, divorce settlements, answers to legal documents, structured settlements, or perform a marriage.

I protect people documents by not repeating what I see. Now, Id is required regardless who you are in your field. I see allot, including adoptions, guardians, other.....

Example:  I had to notarize a doctor signature from his entire staff, I still requested his identification. 

Notary doesn't discriminate against anyone, however, sometimes I am not available at that moment. but you give me an eta on you arriving to my office, I will wait, other wise I can refer you to another notary.  Id is required for your documents.

Notary can refer you to an attorney or two, If you need an attorney.

 Notary can refer you to an attorney, and/or another. The notary is not an attorney.

Notary doesn't repeat, confidential, but I do answer all reviews, positive and negative ones, one negative in sixteen years. 

Mobile Notary with Seal  &  Bulldog Automotive Services

(2 small businesses at the same location:)

601 Old Daytona Road,  Suite H,  Deland Florida  32724



Notary Public, Notary Services and Mobile Notary Services,


Notary Public, Mobile Notary, Mobile Notary Services

601 Old Daytona Road

Suite H

Deland, Florida 32724


Notary Public, & Mobile Notary , (386)215-3604

Can a notary public refuse to notarize?

A notary public is required to refuse to notarize in cases where the signer doesn't meet certain qualifications for notarization. This would be the case if the signer isn't physically present for notarization, or if the signer cannot be properly identified. A notary must also refuse to notarize if the document doesn't meet certain qualifications.

This would be the case if a document has missing pages or blank spaces that haven't been completed by the signer. A notary can also refuse to sign if there is a suspicion that the document is false or illegal, or if the signer refuses to pay the required fee.

However, a notary public cannot refuse to notarize based on bias regarding the signer’s nationality, religion, race, age, sexual preference, lifestyle, gender, or disabilities...……………..

Notary Public, Mobile Notary provides

Notary Services,

Since 2005


Florida Notary Public, Diana Lynn Tafoya, is commissioned in the State of Florida.

The Notary does travel, to almost any location, surrounding Volusia County. Notary travels to your home, office, condo, apartment, hospital, facility, and jail signings for the correctional guards, or Jail Signings for  inmates men or women side for documents to be notarized for release of vehicle, property, children guardianship to family members.  Notary is not an attorney. Notary  will also accompany an attorney to notarize documents for the inmates. Familiar with signing custody over to their parents, grandparents, other spouse, and or releasing vehicle from impound, and or other Legal documents, divorce, other.

  • Notary has been commissioned since 2005. Notary uses two seals, Raised Embosser  Seal on Original documents including Regular rubber seal. Notary is licensed, and runs two businesses here in Volusia County.  Notary, Requires Identification. Notary has a Bachelor's Degree in Science in Criminal Justice,  & Business Degree, other studies. Notary was a guardian in and for Brevard county, Notary has a background screened yearly for financial  closings for title companies, Closing Agent, familiar with real-estate documents, court documents, experience in many legal documents. Confidential, and Deland office.
  • Notary Public has E&O Insured, Three Background Checked yearly, including  a sterling background check, Notary is  also Confidential, Reliable, Dependable.
  • Notary is Bonded, notary travels to your location an extra charge.
  • Notary is also a Wedding Officiant can perform a simple wedding here under a simple Arch Or  in my office, However, can perform a simple ceremony at your location. Moreover, Simple ceremonies still require marriage license, & Identification, passports accepted, state ids, concealed weapon license, as long as it is valid at the time.  Veterans getting married, they are free, just let me know in advance, military id required. 

Notary is Confidential, Reliable & Dependable, Notary Public has been commissioned since 2005. Notary is not an Attorney at law, however can refer you to a attorney.  

Florida Statue 117 states; Identification is required prior to notarization, even marriage ceremonies, notary doesn't discriminate anyone.
Notary also has a Bachelor's Degree in Science in Criminal Justice, & Business Degree. Every eleven months notary gets third party background screen. Their required for real-estate closings, personal information, other.  Also, Let me know if you need a different time, notary works 7 days a week, sometimes she's off and about, every day is a challenge.  Notary drives to these counties only, Volusia County, Lake County, Flagler County, notary is  Confidential, Reliable & Dependable....

Notary also notarizes Correction Applications, Law Enforcement, CW License applications, Teacher Affidavits, Military and Other Clearances for employment. 

Notary does jail signings, men and women that are in correctional facility.   However if the Correctional Facility is on lockdown, unable to go, unless its open again. 

Notary has turned down people, especially the jail signings. Unfortunately, Sometimes I cannot go into Correcction Facilities due to a lockdown of facility, and or Covid-19.

Every day is different, different situations, notary trys her best, in making an educational guess for the clients.  Volusia County Corrections, the Warden rules every day.